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KPD.BG - Made-to-measure KPD.BG - Made-to-measure KPD.BG - Made-to-measure KPD.BG - Made-to-measure

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Richmart Franchise is suitable for both designers and tailors, and contractors without experience in the field of fashion who would like to optimize their work and efficiency. The business model we offer is “made to measure” for the ambitions and capabilities of each contractor given the obvious advantages of our technology, professional training, and long years of experience in working for worldwide leaders in the fashion industry.

1.      What we offer you


-      to take orders for made – to – measure classic men’s suits

-      garments, manufactured by us in our factory which is equipped with the latest high technologic machines / It has a capacity of 1200 suits per day. We manufacture the collections of worldwide brands. /

2.      Our support

-      you will get a successful  business know-how

-      strong marketing support

-      centralized attraction of new clients

-      professional training how to take measures, how to work with clients


3.      Your target group

3.1. individual orders - business and casual suits, ceremonial clothing, etc.

3.2. corporate clothing and uniforms ( for banks, state departments, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc.)


4.      What we expect from you

-      knowledge of the market and skills in working with clients; as to the rest – we will train you and provide you anything necessary to develop your activity.


5.      Your investments

-      with small investments in the building of a small trade area /10-20m2/ this business model allows you to reach big volumes, depending on your activity.

-       the business model we offer prevents you from investing additional resources in spite of the big turnover – the client makes a deposit at the cost price of the garment and you gain your profit at delivery.

-      low risk, as big investments in stock availability and means are not necessary