Dear Lord!

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  • user-icon Name: Hovannes Rafaelovich Ayvazyan
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Published on: 26.01.2011 Тип на идеята: Търся финансиране Views: 3159


Dear Lord! My name is Ovannes Rafaelovich currently live and work in Russia. I lived in Bulgaria eighteen years I have regularly dealt with the property but special attention directed to the sale of construction equipment and construction. During the crises in 2008 and underwent major armies have to find salvation in the second year Rusiya.Veche steadily developing its destination in three main activities: - Advertising and Web Design Real Estate http:/ / / Nutritional Supplements Russia offers unlimited vazmozhnosti here any idea or dream is a good chance to recreate reality. I need serious partnior that would put money in the construction business of portable kashti.V currently working on organizing this idea in g.Vladikavkaz have the support of the mayor. Vladikavkaz is an excellent place to start and develop this type of business conditions provide excellent opportunities for guaranteed income and success! I expect your serious response! Sincerely: Hovannes Rafaelovich
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