Terms of Use

 1. You agree that

1.1. By using and/or visiting this website (including all content and functionality available through Kpd.bg, Kpd.bg name and website) you agree to these Terms of use. If you disagree with any of these terms, please do not use the website Kpd.bg.

1.2. Although Kpd.bg shall keep you informed about changes in these terms, you should periodically get informed about the current version. Kpd.bg has the right to change the Terms of Use and you agree to be bound by such modifications and changes.

2. Kpd.bg website

2.1. Kpd.bg website may contain links to sites that are not owned by Kpd.bg. Kpd.bg has no control and bears no responsibility over the content, rights or practices of websites that are not owned by Kpd.bg. In this regard, Kpd.bg does not censor or revise the content of websites owned by third parties. By using this website you release Kpd.bg of all legal responsibility arising from your use of any third parties websites.

2.2. In this regard, we encourage you to be aware when you leave Kpd.bg website, that you should read the terms of use of each site that you visit.

3. Kpd.bg profile

3.1. In relation to the use of the full functionality of the website, you have to create Kpd.bg profile. You can not use somebody else's account without permission. When creating your account, you must enter adequate and complete information. You are solely responsible for activities under your account and you must protect your access password for your account from unauthorized visits. You must notify Kpd.bg immediately in case of unwanted access to your account.

3.2. Although Kpd.bg does not bear the responsibility for any losses in your account resulting from unauthorized access, you may be responsible for Kpd.bg losses resulting from such access.

4. General rules for website usage - permissions and restrictions

With the Terms of use described below Kpd.bg regulates the access and the use of this website.

4.1. You agree not to distribute in any media part of the website, including, but not limited to, materials uploaded by users (described below) without written authorization from the Kpd.bg.

4.2. Using Kpd.bg you agree not to use or put into use any automated system.

4.3. Using Kpd.bg you agree not to acquire personal information, including account names, from the website, nor to use communication systems of the website (such as comments, email) for any commercial purposes. You agree not to associate with commercial users of the website.

4.4. Using the website, you agree to Kpd.bg Terms of use and all applicable laws at local, national and international level.

4.5. Kpd.bg reserves the right to change the website and its Terms of use.

5. Your use of the content of this website

In addition to the basic restrictions described above, the following restrictions and terms determine the use of content on the Kpd.bg website.

5.1. The contents of Kpd.bg, with the exception of User Content, including but not limited to text, software, scripts, graphics, photographs, sounds, music, v

, interactive applications, trademarks and logos are owned by or licensed to Kpd.bg, and are subject to copyrights. The website content is provided for your information and personal use and can not be reproduced, downloaded, reproduced, distributed, displayed, sold, licensed or exploited for any other purposes without prior written permission of the content owners. Kpd.bg reserves all rights which are not claimed, in respect of the Website and the Content.

5.2. You have access User content solely:

    * For your information and personal use;
    * As provided in the normal functionality of Kpd.bg;

5.3. User comments are available for your information and personal use, and solely by the standard functionality of the Kpd.bg Service. User comments can not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, distributed, displayed, sold, licensed or exploited for any other purpose other than the standard functionality of the Service Kpd.bg.

5.4. You have access to the Kpd.bg contents, User content and other content solely according the procedure provided for in this Contract.

5.5. You agree to not to take part in the usage, copying or distribution of any part of the contents, except those expressly permitted here.

5.6. You are aware that when using Kpd.bg website you will be exposed to user submissions from various sources, and  Kpd.bg does not bear the responsibility for the accuracy, security and usage, or the copyrights related to such user submissions. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that you are exposed to user submissions, which might be aggressive, unfair, and unworthy and Kpd.bg does not bear the responsibility for such actions, and should not be involved in any litigations having arisen as a result of such submissions.


6. Your user content

6.1. As a registered Kpd.bg user you can enter text content. The text content is related to User Content. You understand that where such content is posted, Kpd.bg does not guarantee the confidentiality of User Content.

6.2. You solely are responsible for the content that you post and the consequences related to its publication. In this context, when you are publishing the content, you confirm that you own the content or the rights to use it and you authorize Kpd.bg to use patent, trademark, trade secret or any other rights in and to any User Content.

By accepting these terms of the site, you declare that you realize the possibilities of potential disruptions and other difficulties in making the Internet connection to your website, which may occur regardless of the care, taken by Kpd.bg.