We sell vans with an established business...

"Sky Transport and Logistics" offers the sale of vans up to 3.5 tonnes, category B, with a year-round contract and guaranteed rates.Freight forwarding to EuropeHonestyProfit of 5000-7000 levs per monthPossibility of purchasing leasing from...

35,000 BGN.

For Sale Business - Two-storey Pirate Ship...

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the attractive two-storey pirate ship "Black Sam".It is inspired by the stories of pirate ships that once sailed the seas and oceans in search of treasures and adventures.Our ship carries the spirit of a...

300,000 BGN.


We sell a developed and very well positioned business in the field of international courier and forwarding services. The sale is carried out in one with the company, including all long-term contracts and agreements with international and...

25,000 BGN.

Transport company with licence for Sale

The company owns working truck&trailer 99' included in the price!   +359886611163

0 BGN.

Import and sales of motorcycles and scooters

Import and sales of motorcycles and scooters, accessories, operating leasing kompanii.Izgraden image quality and competitive price, razshiryavyane opportunity for business.

30,000 BGN.

Transport company with composition for sale

We sell a transport company with a composition. The company has all necessary documents, permits and licenses for international transport. No obligation to NRA and NSSI. The company has a composition with DAF tractor 95HF430 Euro 3 trailer...

39,000 BGN.

Transport company for sale.

The activity, shown in the company file, is: transportation and forwarding services on domestic and foreign markets; commissioning; consulting and marketing activity in real estate sector; wholesale and retail trade with foodstuff and consumer...

0 BGN.

Ticket LTD

Coach transport company for sale. We have: * dynamic SEO opimised web site * working contracts -2 for permanent daily transfers and more for campains and season work. * international license for passangers transport * license for kids...

170,000 EUR.

Рент а кар компания (наем на автомобили и...

Компанията е работеща успешно, извърша отдаване на автомобили под наем и трансферни услуги в страната и чужбина. Продава се създадената клиентска мрежа ,сайт и контакти както и самата фирмата ,без никакви задължения и заеми.

50,000 EUR.