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I`m looking for financing / investor / partner

A newly established consulting firm active in the field of investment projects with an office in UAE is looking for financing/partnership to open its own offices in UAE and Bulgaria and start up business.

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KA-WALL - Make the Internet a Safer Place...

Protect every device connected to your network instantly. KA-WALL settings apply to every device — laptops, smartphones, tablets, DVRs, game consoles, TVs, literally anything that connects to the internet. Safer and faster — what’s better than...

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IT project looking for an investor

I am looking for an investor for an IT startup that I run. I offer solid returns on your invested money as a reward to your timely response to the financial needs of the enterprise. The investment sum and the rate of return are subject to...

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Looking finansing

Looking for financing for residential construction of a closed-type complex with the purpose of selling apartments. Funding options I would like to discuss at a meeting.

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Aurveda clinic

Searching for money to create Aurveda clinic in Ruse city!

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I am searching for an investor of various...

Projects are feasible, some of them unique in Bulgaria, with a potential high customer flow. Ideas that will be presented by email in case of interest will be only a small part of them, in order to understand their successful realization and...

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Need for financial services

This message is for all those in urgent need of resources, especially those who need investment. If you are interested in my offer, please contact me by e-mail:

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night club

Hello, I am looking for a funding of 50,000 euros to build a nightclub in the center of Sofia

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Cryptocurrencies project - Looking for...

I am currently looking for investor for my Cryptocurrencies project. I am the only one who will drive everything about the project, my compensation is part of the profit. Deadline of the project is around mid January 2018. Please only...

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Business idea foр financing and partnership

Business idea in the field of production, trade and services. Idea combines Bulgarian identical and traditional.

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Profit from public auctions of real estates

Subject - buying real estates at public auction and subsequent sale. Properties are purchased at 60-75% of their market value and sold at market price. I am a lawyer and I have previous experience as a real estate agent. I'm familiar with the...

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Mushroom factory

Hello, Investors i am looking to build the most modern factory for mushrooms in the Balkans. I have prepared a summary, business plan,web site and ready money, but not enough. If you are interested please contact me on email:

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Tennis academy

Hello, I am looking for investors to build a tennis academy in Bulgaria. It is the purchase of land and construction of these facilities. I have written a business plan. I'm going with tennis 20 years and I know that I can develop my...

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Basic Income Bank based on blockchain!

Basic Income Bank based on blockchain! The essence of the project is to create an Internet based bank that emits its own crypto currency for basic income. The banks miners will receive percentage remuneration from the fiat profit of the bank in...

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I am looking for investor for trade with financial instruments. I suggest testing period with a small account to illustrate the possibilities offered by this kind of investment. The idea is to work with one or more accounts with proven...

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Another step towards true artificial...

To create AI dream of many. Experts around the world are working on turning science fiction into reality. We have made a breakthrough in this direction and created the first website in the world for online trading driven by artificial...

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