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Collaboration in cultural tourism.

I offer cooperation in the field of cultural tourism. I have many nice cultural tourism programs suitable for foreigners. The partner is expected to have good contacts abroad with real opportunities for keeping foreigners in Bulgaria. 50% of...

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Would consider New Orders and or Partners

Plastic Molding robotic machine Mitsubishi can produce all kinds of plastic products. Up to 350tons Pressure. The machine is imported from U.S., but is produced in Japan Example: crates of raspberries, strawberries 12 crates in one press,...

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Commercial support for artists

We offer sales and marketing support to painters, sculptors, photographers, writers and other artists to realize their work in Bulgaria and abroad. The payment is a percentage of the deals.

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Professional business plans

Every business, whether starting or already developed need a professional business plan. Creating a successful business strategy is most important for every entrepreneur and requires you to think very well on potential customers and your...

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Еnergy Independent thinging houses and...

SMART HOUSES OF NEW GENERATION The idea of this project is: 1). This give you the ability to control all electrical appliances in your house via your mobile phone, which are with you anyway. 2). This allow you to monitor your home...

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Looking finansial resours for developing and creation of working prototipe on "Perpetuum-Mobile"!!! Finansig need for 1 experimental devise is EU 10 milion!

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