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Investors for veterinary services

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KPD.BG - Investors for veterinary services

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Published on: 04.11.2022 Тип на идеята: Търся финансиране Views: 500


Hello, first of all I want to emphasize that I have developed business plans down to the last detail. One is quite extensive, that is, it covers more and offers a wide range of services, mutually related. The other plan is smaller, both in terms of investment and in terms of extensiveness, it is focused on basic services in veterinary activity, which are mandatory for most people, raising animals, regardless of what kind. Smaller, like business and services, but extremely detailed, accurate done in absolute channel order and exceptionally clear. I think that this type of business would bring many dividends, because of the shortage of such personnel and similar services. To start, the implementation of the plan, detailed and completely complete, does not require large sums and huge investments. Also, in addition, I have a financial / business offer for each prospective investor, according to his capabilities, which offers include approximate prices. However, there is a minimum threshold made to serve the entire plan. I am looking for investors and I want to emphasize again that I have absolutely and fully developed business plans down to the smallest detail.
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