Popcorn with natural ingredients only in the world

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More information www.rivalinvest.com. Every products are patented... Rival Invest ltd. was established in 1999 in Bulgaria with main activity food production of microwave popcorn. The company works many years at Bulgarian market with own trademarks. From the beginning till now Rival Invest ltd. attracts the clients with new high quality products with only natural ingredients. We have strong private distributors and logistic organization for delivery in every hypermarket as well as the other retail chains in Bulgaria. We supply 6 to 19 different tastes microwave popcorn to the big hypermarkets. We desire to supply our products in every countries with our marks /with exclusive distributor/ or private label. During the crisis and during this difficult time for the trade we hope that the cheaper products without quality don’t have the chance to stay long-time at the market. Due to this fact we have the pleasure to offer our high quality products /new for market/ with long-term perspective. We offer all kinds of conventional flavors of microwave popcorn, but the strength of our idea is that we offer innovative flavors with unique tastes in the world. This year the interest in these products was proved in all food exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Please find below our information about all kinds of natural products - quality microwave popcorn, only with natural ingredients /with pure coconut oil, peanut oil and peanut pieces, with olives pieces and olive oil, sweet with sugar and strawberries (cream), with yellow cheese Alpine, etc/. Part of the mentioned products has patent 703/2004 for microwave popcorn with coconut / palm oil, including natural ingredients – cheese, olives, peanuts, and strawberries. We rely on our mutual business to impose and distribute part of our products in every country and modern hypermarkets in a way to raise the quality and the sales of microwave popcorn. Our purpose is to satisfy the needs of the final customers (or to develop this market) in successful and long collaboration with partners distributors. We are ready to be useful to maximum extent and to offer the best conditions in order to work together with strong companies. Please find below our product list for microwave popcorn and trademark: 1.Leader – unique microwave popcorn with pure coconut oil. Cinema taste. 2. Leader- yellow cheese Alpine-NEW product: unique microwave popcorn with natural yellow cheese Alpine. 3. Leader – with strawberries and cream: NEW product: unique microwave popcorn with pieces of strawberries and natural ingredients. 4. Leader with peanut butter– NEW product: unique microwave popcorn with pure peanut oil and pieces of peanuts – natural ingredients. 5. Leader with olives and olive oil– NEW product: unique microwave popcorn with natural olive oil and pieces of olives. 6. Top Show – with soybean oil, palm oil or vegetable oil – extra butter. 7. New York Nights – with coconut oil, or extra butter, or butter flavor, or vegetable oil. 8. The Best Choice – with coconut and soybean oil; or palm oil (or vegetable oil) – extra butter. 9. Golden American Dream - unique microwave popcorn with pure coconut oil – extra butter. Cinema taste. 10. American Dream – Pizza & Barbecue – unique microwave popcorn with natural flavors of pizza and barbecue. 11. American Dream – Pizza & Beer – unique microwave popcorn with natural flavors of pizza and beer. 12. American dream – sweet pop-corn with cream – unique microwave popcorn with pure coconut oil, sugar and cream. Natural products. 13. Favorite – unique microwave popcorns with pure coconut oil and only natural ingredients. Net wt. 90 g; The mark “Favourite” has 4 kinds of taste: Salty, Diet, Cheese, Extra butter; 14. VIVA - unique microwave popcorn with pure coconut oil and natural ingredients Net wt. 100g; VIVA has 4 kinds: Extra butter- Cinema taste; Salty; Coconut oil- Cinema taste; with Yellow cheese Alpine. 15. Ready–to–eat popcorn – 70 gr.; 85 gr.; 180 gr. or based on your requests, packing in plastic bags or plastic pots from 50 mL to 5 L. Our Flexibility: We can prepare or change the number of bags in the box according to the client’s request. In case of long collaboration and big orders we can change the parameters /weight, design and trademarks, taste and ingredients, package etc./ of the new product. We can produce every Private label with new taste and all requirements. Our production is oriented to energy saving and we pay particular attention to all environmental issue. Our products are good, clean, healthy and tasty. We have produced the private label ARO – microwave popcorn since 2005 for Metro Cash & Carry. Depending on the market, we are ready, together with all partners, to present our products by the best way - innovative flavors with unique tastes in the world. Vladi Popov – owner
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