Aerosols tincans with sealed Bericap caps for start-ups

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Published on: 27.08.2018 Тип на идеята: Продавам идея Views: 805 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


Mabro EOOD sells from stock, metallic spray tubes with Bericap sealed cap, small q-ties for start-up (500-2000 pcs) with following dimensions D 52, H140, Ht 155, Cap ml 270 D 52, H 170, Ht 185, Cap ml 335 D 65, H 270, Ht 185, Cap ml 520 We also bottle in spray industrial liquids, small Q-ties for stat-ups, using 99% purity Nitrogen inert gas that will not affect product and will not mix with it.
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