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Contact Information:

  • Name: Иван Мушев
  • Telephone number:
  • GSM: +359/ 0896 87 87 83
  • Skype: ivan.mushev
  • Email: [email protected]
Price: 25,000 EUR
Published on: 26.07.2012 Views: 32318 Sector: Agriculture Location: Kiustendil Offer Type: Business for sale Website: mikacheese250.wix.com/mika

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 1 Year of Establishment: 24.07.2014


Mika 250 is a compact machine that milk can be produced: all kinds of soft cheeses, all kinds of hard cheese and yogurt. A. Description and purpose Mika 250 is a compact machine that milk can be produced: a. all types of soft cheese, white cheese, cream cheese, feta, etc.. b. all types of hard cheese / cheese /: aydam, Gouda, Emmental and others. c yogurt. With Mika 250 in a cycle can be processed up to 250 liters of milk (cow, sheep, goat or buffalo). One cycle lasts 3 to 5 hours depending on the type of product. Mika 250 can be used only as a lacto freezer pasteurizer or only up to max. 250 liters. The purpose of Mika 250 is for small (farmers) milk. In nutrient if used in two cycles (two recharges of 250 liters) can satisfy a large farm for example: 30 cows or the appropriate number goats, sheep, etc. The machine is designed to work in rural areas with minimal power consumption as possible to supplement powered by solar or other power. Using Mika 250 for dairy products (cheese, etc.). Directly from farmers, the wider area (rural) to reduce transport costs for milk and ensure product quality (without milk substitutes). 2. Principle and operation of Mika 250 Mika has 250 computer programs to produce the entire range described above. The production process is done automatically by selecting a program. The raw material (milk) through a filter of ordinary milk containers are fed into the main vessel of the machine. After loading the milk is sufficient to choose any of the programs loaded as: (white cheese, Gouda, Edam, etc.), then the device will automatically perform all necessary operations, namely: for example (Gouda), the device performed sub pasteurization of milk at 63-64 º C for periods of 30 minutes, after which the milk is cooled to operating temperature (33 º C) for coagulation. The device automatically makes the necessary components for that type of cheese (yeast, calcium chloride and enzyme - yeast), and after receiving the device components perform coagulation (1 hour), cutting and mixing with a second low heat to achieve quality processing. After processing the raw whey is sent in an additional section because of their mutual separation and pressing cheese with specific parameters of extrusion. This process of production with Mika 250 is considered finished and finished product should mature according to the standard. The above example shows that the operator who operates the machine is enough to apply inputs to select the type of product and the end of the process to take the finished product. The operator does not need to know technology for production of cheese. All technical details on a particular type of cheese (yellow or white) are performed automatically. During operation the machine is closed so that no contact with the environment, nor staff. The whole process takes place in basic working court after job is easily cleaned with a hand steam cleaner. Constructive avoid pasteurizer is a classic type, which is difficult to clean (use a circulation of solutions of acids, etc.). And still more hours to remove the caramelized lactose, etc. Pasteurization at 250 Mika is performed with slowly rising temperature gradient heating max. (0.5 º C / min) and the highest temperature of warming at the end of pasteurization is to 70 º C, thus avoiding denaturing of some proteins from milk (whey), which in turn ensures a product with high taste - no quark flavor in the finished product and more. 3. Technical characteristics of Mika 250 I. Dimensions: height x width x length = 1750 x 1140 x 2150mm II. Weight (empty machine): SAA 500 kg III. Implementation: inox AISI 304 IV. Voltage: 1 x 220 V / 50Hz V. Electric power (network) Pmax = 2 KW, cos φ = 1 (Fuse 25 A) VI. Performance example: cheese - 30 tons / year (8 hours per day) The machine uses the heat of raw material (fresh milk) in the production process (pasteurization, second low or high heat), and excess heat is collected (stored) in the reservoir of heat that is built into the device. Thanks to the above device works with very low power consumption (ssa.2000W), which equals Capacity of burner electric stove from home. 4. Energy balance From the foregoing we found that energy consumption per 1 kg. finished product is approximately 0.02 lev / kg. Low power consumption is very important from the standpoint that the rural supply unit has a small capacity. So the device is designed with a small (consumption) of power: max 2 KW and cos φ = 1 and for single-phase voltage of 220 V / 50 Hz. On the other hand the trend (worldwide) for economical use of electricity, Mika and the device 250 is completely satisfied. Machine as Mika 250 - with the working principle, energy efficiency, dimensions, density, automation and quality control processing of the finished product, but especially for small quantities, the production of one cycle (with the same quality product for each cycle) have not is offered to anyone in the world market. 5. Device Management Mika 250 Operator: Mika Service 250 (for one or more devices simultaneously) is sufficient for an employee - no claim to special education. Operator training is done in 1 day - or the instructions for using the device. In any case, the first installation and putting into use of the device is carried out by specialists of the manufacturing company where the training takes place and the person who will work with the device.