Lingerie Boutique For SALE:

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Price: 48,000 Published on: 06.03.2011 Sector: Trade Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Views: 2556 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


The boutique is located in an extremely busy location, in a just opened trade center in the center of Sofia. The store covers area of 36 square meters that includes sales area, two fitting rooms, storage, and a large front showcase, with a length of 6.5 meters. The boutique has an unique interior design and luxury equipment. Also, it is entirely air-conditioned, with effective lightening, modern alarm system, fast internet as well as electro-installations according to Bulgarian standards. Additionally, its parking space allows enough parking not only for employers and customers but also for service activities such as stock loading and unloading. The boutique advertisement is performed through outer (on the mall façade) as well as inner (above the store showcase) illuminated billboards.

The store is for sale with the merchandise (stock), computer and licensed software. The price includes all the showcase equipment, manikins, and interior accessories.

The boutique is proud to have a good reputation and clients. Additionally, there are two extremely well—trained retailers, with a lot of experience in the field of underwear and lingerie sales, as well as there is a sales representative for clients coming from Sofia and the province. The store has all the necessary permits allowing its activity.

The company is a private Bulgarian Trade company, whose main goal has been sales of luxury Italian lingerie, underwear and swimming wear. It is this company that introduced several major world companies in Bulgarian business for first time. The firm has a 5-year contract with the trade canter. The company does not have tax duties. We offer special negotiable rents and conditions, related to the future use of the store.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 3 Year of Establishment: 06.03.2011