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Оферта №:17353
Published on: 15.06.2016 Views: 6376 Sector: Properties Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business Assets

Additional Information

Year of Establishment: 15.06.2016


Private dam, positioned in the foorhills of the highest mountain in Bularia(Rila - home of the seven lakes of Rila) in Samoranovo (village near the city of Dupnitsa), 1km away from the main road that leads to the city Sapareva bania(there's a hot spring in the city) and the Panichishte resort (which connects to Rila via a lift). It takes an area of around 20,000 square meters suitable for pisciculture,fishing,village tourism,participation in projects for European programs and other. The price is for a single square meter and is subject to change if someone is seriously interested in the offer.