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IPS7: More and more companies with GPS routing in Bulgaria


Control is one of the most important factors in the management of any business these days. Control over transport and production facilities, over resources and over employees. Effective, timely, providing reliable and timely information to create and change management strategies - without it, there is no way a business venture can be successful.

 That's why GPS tracking of company cars has become so popular recently. The installation of trackers in vehicles is now common practice in companies engaged in transportation, forwarding, communal and commercial activities. GPS tracking provides, besides the simple control of the discipline - observing working hours, set routes, planned stops and the speed recommended for the car - many additional options, some of which are invaluable to any entrepreneur, regardless of the scale of his business.

 Such features include tracking the fuel consumption of each vehicle, real-time vehicle location detection, automatic tracking generation, weekend tax and service reminder, GTC, vignette, casco, and more.

 It is even possible to cool the racing attitudes of a servant sitting behind the wheel of a new service car that you have paid simply by limiting the maximum speed of the vehicle in question through the GPS tracker. An elementary option that may be invaluable for your company budget, saving accidents with expensive service cars or fines for alleged violations and crashes with them.

 Not to be overlooked is the fact that better companies offering GPS tracking systems provide their customers with software that enables them to export all reports in Excel, PDF or HTML files that are convenient for printing and compiling excellent company documentation.

 In Bulgaria, companies offering GPS tracking are fewer than 10, with the options offered by them almost identical.

A major factor in choosing a vendor is the software through which cars will be tracked.

 The market offers are many, some of them seem irresistible at their cost. The price, of course, is important, but the quality of the equipment used in the installation of the vehicles and the software you use will be of no less importance.

 One of the GPS7.bg companies offers installation of GPS devices without initial investment in their purchase. According to the company, this results in a higher monthly fee of BGN 25 per car, which is 10 leva when purchasing the devices.

 To offer a better quality service, GPS7.bg uses the latest GPS devices from the world leader in Teltonika.

 The aim of all suppliers in Bulgaria is to serve corporate fleets, but the service is also offered to private individuals who want to use it for family car security.

The industry is experiencing a significant increase in demand for services, with a three-year increase in the demand.