We Are Providers of Loan & BG, SBLC

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Price: 500,000,000 Published on: 03.12.2012 Sector: Services Location: Sofia Offer Type: Partnership Website: Views: 1917 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


Dear Sir,
My name is Mr. Laurent De Landtsheer. I am a private investor and loan lender. I am the President and CEO of DL Financial Limited.
My company is into International Loan Funding and Project Finance. We are also direct providers of freshly cut bank instruments like Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), DLC etc.

We have loan for everybody. We give both secured loans and ensured loans and our interest rate is 3% per year. So if you need loan or your friends or colleagues need loan kindly contact us so that we can give you further details.

We are also looking for agents or company representatives, so if you don't need loan you can be our agent or company representative. You will be paid 1% commission on every business you bring to us. For instance, if you bring a customer to us and the customer receives a 1 Million Dollar loan from us then we will pay you 1% of 1 Million Dollars which is: 10 000 U.S. dollars. So If you would like to work part time for our company kindly send us your names, age, nationality and phone number for validation.

For more information's kindly check our company website for more details.

Thank You and Best Regards,
Mr. Laurent De Landtsheer
Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 54 Year of Establishment: 19.10.2009