Business property - Production and warehouse facility

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Price 995,000 EUR

Production-warehouse facility, the enterprise was built in 1987. The property is located in the central industrial zone at the entrance boulevard of the town of Novi Pazar. Nearby, there is a railway line and a bus station. The plot on which the buildings are constructed has an area of ​​8061 sq.m. with a permanent designation of the territory as urbanized and intended for another type of production or warehouse facility. There are a total of 13 buildings on the property with a total built-up area of ​​2735 sq.m. Three of the buildings are two-storey, with a total built-up area of ​​3368 sq.m., with the second floor used for administration and offices. The property has its own transformer station with an area of ​​27 sq.m. and a capacity of 120 kilovolts. The property is gasified and has three industrial water wells. In the yard, at the entrance of the property, there is a covered parking lot - 150 sq.m., and it also has loading and unloading ramps. There is a beautifully landscaped garden and well-maintained common areas. A POSITION has been issued by ERP-North for the connection of an energy facility - the creation of a photovoltaic power plant. The price at which the property is offered is 995,000 (nine hundred ninety-five thousand euros). 


Katya Belcheva - 0887804491

Hristofor Krumov - 0888133854

Additional Information

Business properties included: Парцелът с площ 8061 кв.м. с трайно предназначение на територията урбанизирана и начин на трайно ползване за друг вид производствен, складов обект. Сградите в имота са 13 на брой със ЗП 2735 кв.м. Три от постройките са на 2 етажа като и с тях общата РЗП е 3368кв.м. Вторият етаж се ползва за администрация и офиси. Имотът разполага със собствен трафопост със ЗП 27 кв.м. с мощност 260kW. Имотът е газифициран и има три кладеница с промишлена вода. В двора, на входа на имота има покрит паркинг - 150 кв.м., разполага и с товаро-разтоварни рампи. Има красиво озеленен двор и поддържани общи части.

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