The leading milk farm in Southeast Bulgaria is for sale

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Price 3,050,000 BGN

Bank evaluation made on 20.04.2023 with a value of 4,250,000 BGN.

Exchange for land.
"Dom Invest" presents an exclusive offer for a leading farm in southeastern Bulgaria. A modern high-yield dairy farm.

Livestock type (Black Spotted):
The animals were imported from Germany in 2010.
With an average milk yield of 35 liters per cow per day.
The farm has a capacity for 300 animals: 140 cows, 120 medium and large heifers, and 40 small and young calves.
The farm's milk yield is 1,400 tons of milk per year.
The entire herd is raised in a freestall barn, following American practices.
The farm has an underground manure storage (1,600 cubic meters) and an open storage (500 cubic meters).
There are (3) hectares of silage storage.
Barns for straw and alfalfa.
Feed warehouse.
Mechanized cleaning of the barns with scrapers.
Feed distributing mixer.
Silos for feed storage.
There is other machinery available for the farm.
Highly modernized computerized milking parlor (DeLaval) with an (Alpro system).
Sensors for estrus detection and milk recording.
The farm has:
A forage harvester (Jaguar).
Tractors (3).
Dump truck.
Flatbed truck (Mercedes).
Front loader.
Mowers (2).
There is minimal agricultural land, but the area offers the possibility of renting land.
The farm is subject to VAT.
There is a project for a new barn for (240) dairy cows with a new manure storage and milking parlor, which is halfway completed. The farm's capacity will be for (600) animals.
There is potential for expanding to a new farm.
Price: 1,560,000 euros.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 12 Year of Establishment: 31.07.2007 Annual profit: 430,000 BGN Included equipment: Силажо комбайна (Ягуар) трактори (3) Самосвал Бордови камион (Мерцедес) Челен товарач Косачки (2)броя Business properties included: Ферма за производство на мляко земя Company name: АНТОН ТОНЧЕВ ЕООД

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