Selling leading company in the field of educational toys and Montesorri

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KPD.BG - Selling leading company in the field of educational toys and Montesorri

Contact Information:

  • Price: 380,000 EUR
Published on: 24.05.2022 Updated on: 18.10.2022 Views: 1838 Sector: Trade Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Website: Company name: Смарт Бейби ООД

Additional Information

Year of Establishment: 20.11.2017 Annual profit: 55,000 EUR


Smart Baby Ltd. is a company operating in the field of kids educational toys and Montessori materials.


We have a very well-developed online store that enjoys 150% growth in organic traffic every year and 1st places in search engines for very competitive keywords. All this is thanks to the many improvements we have made on the website and the long-term development of SEO.


We also have an attractively furnished (about BGN 40,000 in interior and renovation) physical shop (140 sq.m), located at the perfect center - Serdika metro station in Sofia (for rent with a contract for 5 years), as well as an equipped warehouse (equipment about 10 000 BGN) with an area of ​​400 square meters (also for rent)


The company is a major importer and works directly with manufacturers from around the world, including manufacturers in Bulgaria. All contacts and established trade networks will be provided to potential buyers.


In recent years, Smart Baby has become the most recognizable brand in Bulgaria in terms of Montessori materials and educational toys for all ages. We have an impeccable reputation and feedback from all our customers.


In the last year we have successfully developed a distribution network, and we already have over 15 partners, some of them with 5 or more stores around the country.


We have well-developed social channels and we have built a strong and recognizable brand. You can easily check all this by simply typing Smart Baby into Google.


For the last 5 years, every year our company realizes an average annual growth of over 100% compared to the previous one, as all funds are reinvested in new goods and this leads to high growth in results.


The indicated price of the business includes all assets of the company - available goods, interior and repair activities, furniture, computers and electronics in our store. Over BGN 100,000 have been invested in the development of the brand over the years, sponsored ads on social networks and google, participation in exhibitions, advertising campaigns in the urban environment (metro), production of advertising materials, online store, integration of warehousing software and others. .


For the last 2021 year, the company ended with a net profit of BGN 80,000, and for the period from January to September 2022. the results are 60% better than in 2021, despite the trend of fewer online sales (compared to lock-down periods) and high inflation since the end of last year.


The growth rates of organic visitors to our online store in 2022 are as much as 80% higher than in 2021.


The expected profit for 2022. is in the amount of BGN 125,000 - 140,000, or between 60% and 75% growth compared to 2021.


From 2021, Montessori workshops will be held in our store, and certified teachers will come to us to lead them. We also run pottery workshops and other interesting activities, including free courses for future mothers.



In case of serious interest, I can provide evidence of everything described and tell in more detail about the business.