Дърводелско предприятие в гр.Банско

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Price 1,750,000 BGN
I am selling a wood processing company fully equipped for the production of solid wood furniture and not only.The machines are old but in working order,we have machines for the production of chairs and all other furnishings.Some of the machines are new.The company is located in two halls of 1200 sq.m. connected by a third room which is 150.sq.m. the total area of the property is 6800 sq.m.with face and entrance to thw main road Bansko-Banya. Currently there are two workers at the enterprise,but at an earlier stage, an average of 60 people worked(to have a clearer understanding)

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Number of Employees: 2 Year of Establishment: 03.03.2003 Annual profit: 24,000 BGN Website: djano.eu/

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