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Price: 1 Published on: 23.07.2014 Sector: Agriculture Location: Shumen Offer Type: Business for sale Views: 5592 Гласували: Оценка:


Company sells developed agricultural business - horticulture in general. The business is situated in the region of Shumen, Bulgaria. The farm consist of plum garden - 5,833 hectares of eight years from planting with drip irrigation system and a walnut garden - 5.512 hectares, includin 3.361 hectares of eight years from planting and 2.151 hectares of six years from planting. The walnut garden is organic certified! The two gardens are separated by a road and are surrounded by a fence. By the fence are planted also hips of five years from planting - 0.8 hectares. The farm has also a farmyard with electricity, potable water, storage containers, refrigerated van, water tanks - 100 m3. We also sell a house with the building which could serve as a house for the owner and also an administrative building. The house is 130 m2, with bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, office and a garrage - 63 m2. There is also a big yard by the house. The house fits for year round use. The farm is equiped with equipment for full self-contained and independent production: tractor PASQUALI, model ORION 7.85AR, two crawler tractors, horticultural sprayer, forklift equipment, disc harrow, deviating milling machine, shredder for mulching and green manure, tank trailer, trailer 3 tons, pallet trailer, plow cutter, etc. Price is negotiable.

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Number of Employees: 1 Year of Establishment: 23.04.2006