Търговско производствен комплекс в ж.к. Дружба, гр. София

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Price 1 BGN
The facility has a very communicative location - nearby residential buildings, offices, public transportation stops. It is only 100 meters away from the newly constructed stop of Sofia's subway line which will lead to Sofia airport. The entity has a yard of 5600 square meters. The building's TBA is as follows: level -1 (-2.60m.): 1048 square meters; level +1 (0m.): 1618 square meters; level +2 (+3.70m): 882 square meters. The place is secured by a massive fence and has all necessary communications. The building has its own parking lot, video and security surveillance, its own electricity substation. The building's flexibility allows for its use as a big establishment such as a commerce chain, a big restaurant, an office building, or manufacturing purposes. Price: Upon inquiry For more information: http://mackinvest.com For contacts: +359 886 834363

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