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Loan between individual offers

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Published on: 11.02.2014 Views: 4674 Sector: Services Location: Sliven Offer Type: Buy business

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Number of Employees: 25 Year of Establishment: 11.02.2014 Annual profit: 12,045 BGN


Hello I am standard Klaten businesswoman, Economist,. shareholder of many companies and oil Mines Gold and diamonds around the world, Europe, Asia and Africa. By providing repayable loans to individuals who are in need. Take advantage of my credit loans fast and many choose your new partners I plan a personal loan of 2,000 to 73.000.000, 00? A sensational rate from 2% annual loan. One deadline for payment: you pay nothing during the first 3mos. the choice of length adapted to your scale: you can Repay your loan for a period of 4 years. Your project 100% funding requires do not change Bank. You get your money quickly, in 48 h just as your Quick loan agreement became final. You have the option of modulate your fast loan all growing repayments or in decrease in 6 months. Waiting for a positive response, I beg you to allow the expression of my highest consideration. You can benefit insurance for your credit. For more information you can we contact by email [email protected]