"Avtosvyat" invest in a showroom in Pleven

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"Avtosvyat" invest in a showroom in Pleven

There is a project in which in Pleven will be built showroom and service of the three brands "Opel", "Mazda" and "Suzuki". Investor is the importer of cars "Avtosvyat" and the investment is worth 2 mln. Levs

 The building will be the exit of Sofia close to the grapevine School Street. "Tsar Samuil". The construction of the new building should be completed by the end of February 2017. Project manager is Trifon Trifonov, General Manager of "Sofia Estates". He stated that the contractor of the rough construction will be Pleven company "Stanevi Group". The building has an area of ​​8.2 acres bc "Storgozia" and will triobemna, with a total area of ​​about 1500 square meters The property is divided into three separate showroom for the three brands. There will be a separate service with reception room and offices.

In 2006. "Avtosvyat" and "Avtosvyat Motors" have realized investment in Rousse and Pleven will take place next to their investment. The total amount of investment reached 7 million. Lev

The main activity of "Avtosvyat" Ltd. is a trade in automotive parts and oils for commercial vehicles. Today they specialize in sales of three brands "Mazda", "Opel" and "Suzuki". From 2006 until now the company is importing "Opel" from 2014 is a dealer of "Mazda" and a little later began importing and vehicles "Suzuki".

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