Bulgarian company with a revolutionary invention

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Bulgarian company with a revolutionary invention

Bulgarian company made a revolutionary invention that demonstrates Qatar. Thanks to this technology, the homes will be cool place, even outside is over 40 degrees.

The technology can be described as "transparent solar collector" and is one of the most promising passage of glass buildings to energy independence.

Realized by Bulgarian company Building Systems Design demo facade is located in the building of Qatar Green Building Council, the call comes after presentation of Bulgarian Institute for zero energy buildings two years ago in front of local experts in Qatar.

The liquid in the facade is invisible to the naked eye. In circulation it takes heat from direct sunlight, as the interior goes only comfortable daylight. The extracted heat can be used for cooling buildings by absorption machines for domestic use and desalination of seawater for drinking.

The project is funded by the Qatar Business Incubation Center, where "Building Systems Design", together with a local partner, start a business initiative for the production of such facades in the Middle East. Facade itself is produced in Bulgaria Technology Building Systems Design - glazing manufactured by "KN" and aluminum substructure - by ETEM. Partners in the installation of the facade and automation companies are BSys and Setpoint.

The development of technology for glass facades of circulating fluids in them now gaining momentum. International consortium INDEWAG, involving research and scientific institutes and companies from Bulgaria, Spain and Germany, develops technology for industrial production. The consortium won the project under Horizon 2020 and is currently preparing a project for demonstration kiosk that will be installed in Bulgaria by the end of 2017.

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