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Prof. Dr. Petar Stefanov re-elected Chairman of the Central Cooperative Union

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Prof. Dr. Petar Stefanov re-elected Chairman of the Central Cooperative Union

During today's 38th General Assembly of the Central Cooperative Union, Prof. Dr. Petar Stefanov was elected by a full majority to continue his term as chairman.


The meeting presented the Management Board's report on the Union's activities in the period 2015-2018. The report was adopted at a meeting of the CC of the Central Committee on April 18, 2019. and the accents in it were the achievements and developments of the Union for the period in many sectors, both nationally and globally.


The results and statistics for the period in the sphere of cooperative business, wholesale and retail trade, tourism and balneology, agriculture and forestry, and last but not least the results of the cooperatives' trade unions, the cooperative unions and the Central Cooperative Union.


During the presentation of the report, the President of the Union, Prof. Dr. Petar Stefanov said he dreamed of a cooperative movement that created unity, inclusiveness, sustainability and real openness to society. It is increasingly convincing that the cooperative idea needs a new Renaissance that motivates followers and guarantees a better future.


Today, besides development strategies and the results achieved, the proxies of the 38th General Assembly of the CCU also made their choice for new leadership of the Union and for members of the Management and Control Council. Again, for the fifth consecutive time since 2003, Unanimously, Prof. Dr. Peter Stefanov. The Chairman presented the Cooperative Organizations Development Strategy 2030 and strategic roadmaps for its implementation. For the development of the Strategy the results and achievements for 2003-2008 have been taken into account. It is on this basis that the Union is developing five scenarios for follow-up actions, which it discusses and discusses at the National Council in October last year. Among the titles of the five scenarios of action are: We continue, as we have done; Main priority - Cooperative Trade and National Single Cooperative Market; We only work with those who want to give more; We work less, but more efficient; We do a lot more together. The need and readiness for cooperative organizations to develop from the system impose the choice of Scenario 5: We do much more together. It was on the basis of the meeting that the key trends for the implementation of Strategy 2030, the implementation goals, policies and actions, as well as strategic roadmaps were presented.


"For tomorrow's day we need courage. Courage to realize the set goals. It is a courage to present the future world - the world of the young, to the next generations, and to create a solid foundation today, "the CCP chairman said at today's meeting.



Some of the achievements for the past period 2015-2018. are First Place and a Diploma of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for the Central Committee and the Association "We All Together We Can", in the category "Social Innovation Related to Social Inclusion". In 2017. During the jubilee year of the CCC hotel COOP was opened in Sofia. In the same year, the hotel building was awarded the National Building Building Award of the Year. A year later, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy again handed the CCP and its affiliated honorary plaque to the Social Inclusion category for the project "Cooperatives - Sustainable Business for the Benefit of Society". In the same year 2018, at the National Building Building of the Year, under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, was awarded a special prize for the Corporate Building COOP Sofia.


During the period, the CCU also hosted a number of forums and meetings, some of which are the Youth Forum: the CCW in the autumn of 2016. In the same year a meeting of the Cooperative Europe Board was held in Sofia. In 2017. The CCU hosted a meeting of the International Co-operative Alliance Board, and in 2018 the General Assembly of the European Association of Consumer Cooperatives in Europe (Euro COOP).


We congratulate you on the unmistakable choice and high professionalism and we wish you in the coming years to accompany you the custom and the desire for Cooperative unity, because Together we have more.

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