IPS 7 Customers for GPS Tracker Results

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IPS 7 Customers for GPS Tracker Results

In recent years, the installation of company tracking devices has become quite popular. Owners of many companies have appreciated the benefits that trackers have in their company cars: safety and security, 24-hour vehicle control, fuel and traffic control, and last but not least accounting facilities. GPS services offered by IPS 7 are becoming more and more popular both in business and for personal family purposes. The installation of tracking devices has many applications. Except for private purposes - tracking our kids who are drivers, or where your favorite is, and your company fleet, to keep you up-to-date and save money and time. Here is the view of some of the customers using the GPS services of IPS 7:

Elimination of human factor:

MJ, owner of a company in Plovdiv: "Initially, the company's employees did not perceive the installation of the devices well. The service was taken as a sign of distrust of themselves. At that time, the cases of fuel theft was not much, but the fact that, though rarely, they were worrying. My other observation was the fact that drivers did not have the incentive to economically drive and keep company cars. It is well-known that, regardless of the type of car, the way of driving also affects fuel consumption. Providing a company car with appropriate fuel costs does not predispose employees to save money. Since I've put GPS trackers and used tracking and tracking services, I'm aware of the current cost of each car at every course and at all times. In the beginning, employees thought the service was intended only for the purpose of monitoring and heightening the atmosphere in the company. After the first bonuses that were the result of fuel economy, however, not only me and my employees look at the service positively. "

Trakers and wage fund:

IG, owner of a company in Sofia: "At the foundation of my company I started with two tanks. We had two drivers and all the routes and transport costs were described in a notebook that was enough for accountability. Fortunately, our company currently has 21 trolleys, traveling daily for hundreds of kilometers. Accountability was becoming more and more difficult. Our team has grown and opened a position for a person who only deals with driver schedules and costs. However, this was not enough. With our colleague on this position, we commented on various options to ease the job. Then, in front of the option to hire another person, our company chose to make a contract for using GPS services. The tracers were already popular on the market. Professionals in our field have shown how the software works and what would be the benefits of introducing the services in our company. We are now aware of the location of our cars at all times. Reports and roadmaps are generated automatically, and before me, as a manager, there is no longer any concern in my agenda that I will face management difficulties with the expansion of my fleet. "

Just two of the many evidence that GPS tracking of the company fleet saved money. And time. And the efforts of employees who at the same time can be more productive in something else related to their direct work. Two of the many evidence that investing in high technology is not just a trend follower, but a foresight in entrepreneurship.

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