Irina Belcheva - one of the most successful women in Bulgaria

Irina Belcheva - one of the most successful women in Bulgaria

Mrs. Bulgaria, Business Lady, Energy Expert, Engineer, State Employee, Mother, Wife, Daughter .... This is Irina Belcheva.

For 10 years Mrs. Belcheva has been a civil servant in the Ministry of Energy. He is Chief Expert and deals with one of the most complex issues in the sector - Security in Energy Supply and Crisis Management.

 The first days of 2019 proved to be a real challenge for it, given the situation in Bulgaria's energy sector. Belcheva launched the year with a series of inspections of energy companies and high-level meetings.

But despite the situation in the energy sector, it does not stop inspiring with positivism, radiance, goodness and beauty.

She is one of the few women who are impeccably able to rank and prioritize their importance. Belcheva herself defined her life as "LIFE IN HIGH VOLTAGE"!

Along with her responsible professional duties, she has not neglected her commitments as Mrs. Bulgaria.

In the months to come, she will again rejoin her personal Charity Campaign "Helping the Graduates in Need", which was more successful last year and Belcheva managed to please many graduate students in need.

Despite her heavy and busy life Mrs. Irina Belcheva does not stop helping people in need.

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