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KPD.BG - Business Portal for Success

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KPD.BG - Business Portal for Success

Thousands of ads and dozens of new users every day. Divided into 18 sectors, depending on the scope of business and eight options according to the type of offer, the options offered by kpd.bg give each and every one of its users the opportunity to find the right place to implement their business strategy. Developed business with a thorough accounting record whose owners can not continue its activity due to leaving the country or a business idea for the realization of which a partnership is needed for whatever reason the word "business" is part of your everyday life, kpd.bg is the place you need to describe your idea to realize it.

The free portal for buying and selling a business also offers two options for paid ad status depending on the level of priority, and the trilingual version of the site allows each ad to reach even more visitors. Indisputably proven leader in the presentation of business strategies and ideas, enterprising and creative people have long been part of the regular active site visitors, and in the past year analyzes of the portal point to an increasing number of new registered users.

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