Offer For Crude & Refined Sunflower And Rapeseed Oil

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Price: 1,100 Published on: 22.06.2013 Sector: Trade Location: Pazardzik Offer Type: Partnership Website: Views: 1955 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


FJ Commerce ltd Company, offers refined and crude sunflower oil also crude degummed rapeseed oil produced in Russia, from refinery owned by our partners with whom we have commercial relationships of distribution their production.The basic price is $ 1030 USD per ton crude sunflower oil and $ 1100 USD per ton refined sunflower oil, and includes delivery to any seaport of Europe, refined sunflower oil can be supplied in bottles of 1 , 2,3, 5, 10 (PET) liters,with label with your brand. Upon delivery of bottled refined sunflower oil price does not change and remains $ 1,100 USD per ton.RAPESEED OIL we offer is priced at $ 960 USD per MT crude oil and $ 1000 USD per MT refined. For contact between us and the prospective buyer, we sign a contract for a commission according to international standards. For more info go to:

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 3 Year of Establishment: 22.10.2013 Profit: 100,000 USD