Sell a Bulgarian LTD for EUR 1,500,000 with assets for EUR 3,000,000

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Оферта №:8865

Contact Information:

  • Telephone number:
  • GSM: 0877876454 - приемам само SMS-и
  • Email: [email protected]
Price: 1,000,000 EUR
Published on: 13.01.2013 Views: 6578 Sector: Construction Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale

Additional Information

Year of Establishment: 10.05.2000 Annual profit: 0 EUR


We sell a Bulgarian LTD company, based in Sofia, for EUR 1,500,000. Company owns assets - Real Estates, for about EUR 3,000,000, has no activity for the last 5 years and has debts for about EUR 50,000 .