Shoe Business with a Fully Functioning Modern Factory for Sale

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Price: 0 Published on: 22.08.2012 Sector: Industry Location: Pazardzik Offer Type: Business for sale Views: 2894 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


Footwear business, including a contemporary factory with modern equipment and machines that conform to European standards, is available for sale.
The factory is located in the Bulgarian town of Peshtera which has a tradition in the manufacture of footwear. The factory has a site-cast concrete building of total area of 1800m² built in 2005. The building includes a cutting lounge, a sewing line equipped with Dürkopp Adler sewing machines and a workshop with a conveyer for assembling shoes. It is equipped with contemporary machines with tracing and programmability features such as a toe lasting machine Cerim K87TP, a heel seat/slides lasting machine Cerim K58TP, a heel nailing machine and a heel seat pounding machine Sabal. The factory has the necessary storage facilities for the materials and final products, office spaces, apartment lodging, yard and garage facilities.
Currently, 86 employees work in the company and the daily production capacity is 350 pairs of shoes. The company produces shoes for Italy, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria. The production capacity of the enterprise may be increased up to 500 pairs per day, given the current equipment and available facilities, and with increased human resources.
The factory is situated in a very communicative place in Bulgaria - 30km from the main A1 highway and at the same time it is close to the mountain and has great views of Rodopa mountain and the town.

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Number of Employees: 86 Year of Establishment: 15.02.2000