Mineral Water Company for Sale

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Price 1,450,000 EUR
In the ареа of "Gotse Delchev" region, the Compnay owns 50 000 sq.m plot of land. The property is divided into two parts: - On area of ​​4900 sq.m is situated the water bottling of the company. This part has direct access (plot frontage of 250 m) on the international road Bansko-Drama (Greece). From South, the parcel adjoins the sanitary protection zones of spring 273, the subject of the concession. -Rest of the plot is 45100 sq.m plot, with changed function assigned. The water-bottling plant was built in 2007 and consists of a monolithic building with total built area of ​​1470sq.m and 3000sq.m of concrete pad. It consists of four main areas: raw materials warehouse, manufacturing space, buffer storage tanks and finished products. Apart from that, the building houses a laboratory, changing rooms, rest room and other service spaces and rooms. The building was built in accordance with all European requirements for an establishment of the food industry. The company consists of three bottling lines as follows: - Bottling line of tubes for reuse of 19.0 l. Production capacity of the line is 100-120 tubes per hour. - Line type TRIBLOK for bottling 0.3 l - 2,0 l. Capacity of the line for 0,5 l is 2700-3000 bottles per hour. Bottling line, 3,0 l - 11,0 l. The capacity of the line, with 10.0 l bottles is 200-220 bottles per hour. Bottling lines are produced from Stara Zagora company "Hranmash" LTD. In the aforementioned buffer space are 5 buffer tanks each with a size 8 cubic meters. The tanks are "Coca Cola" Starndart, one of them with special mixers for the production of soft drinks. Concession Contract, Capacity of the spring, possibilities Drilling the spring is subject to Municipal Concession. The Concession Contract is with the "Gotse Delchev" Municipality and is in force since 2007 and is for 15 years with an option to extend for another 10 years. Under the new regulations on concessions and bottling of mineral water there is a possibility of extending the contract for another 35 years. Flow of the drilling is 1,0 l / sec. Concession is 17 000000 l per year. Main distribution areas: - Local super and small local and convenient stores. - Wholesale distributors - 65% of all selling volumes; - Key accounts - 30% of all selling volumes; - Private labels in 0,5l and 1,5l - 3, 8% of all selling volumes; - Export: Small traders in Greece and 0,5 l bottles to Netherlands - 1,2% of all selling volumes. Development Plan: Realization of 6700.000-l bottled water priority HOT market. -Putting into production packages of 0.33 and 1.00 l

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Year of Establishment: 01.01.2008

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