Well developed and fully equipped night club

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KPD.BG - Well developed and fully equipped night club KPD.BG - Well developed and fully equipped night club KPD.BG - Well developed and fully equipped night club KPD.BG - Well developed and fully equipped night club

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Price: 135,000 Published on: 18.07.2011 Sector: Entertainment Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Views: 3281 Гласували: 0 Оценка:


Stylishly furnished night club in Sofia downtown
Offer type: Business for sale
Location: Sofia
Business category: , bar , night club , club
Price: 180 000 €
Absolutely developed, working night club, nominated for best club in its category for 2010, located in the absolute centre of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Business Description:
• Unique interior design that combines antiquity and modernity.
• Stylish furniture with marked individuality.
• Suitable for any kind of thematic focus of the club.
• One of the largest club scenes of the city.
• Professional sound - stage and background.
• Instruments, lighting, multimedia, screen 7 m ₂.
• Licensed software.
• Dressing rooms.
• Acoustic.
• A permit for live music.
• Air conditioning system.
• Professionally equipped bar / machinery and equipment.
• Capacity: 160 seated and 300 standing places.
• Commercial part: 350 m
• Auxiliary part: 150 m
• Wardrobe.
• Kitchen equipped for preparing finger food and hors d'oeuvre.
• Warehouses.
• Other areas which can be used for different purposes - kitchen, additional storage or others.
• Dressing room for the staff + bathroom and WC
• Office.
• All necessary permits for work at the bar including in non-stop mode.
• Long-term club program that can be used by the new owner of the business.
• Readiness for fully cooperation from the current owner regarding managing, training and retention of preferential arrangements with contractors.
• Well-developed advertising strategy.
• distinct presence on the web.
• Good cooperation with the most visited web sites.
• Personal website.
• Business is sold with the company, which was established only for activities of the club and all documentation is issued in its name, which gives priority not to suspend the operation of the club when changing the owner and not going through a new permits extraction.
• All arrangements for incentives and rebates are counterparties to the company name and form the history of business creates a basis for subsequent ones.
• Long-term rental aggreement of 7 years (1 year 7 months have expired) with possibility of extension. The contract is under the company name.

REASON FOR SALE: Business commitments abroad.

Additional Information

Year of Establishment: 28.04.2009