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Built Reward Games Website for sale - Various modules are included in the system, some of which are stopped at the moment:

v Prediction game for accurate result of sports events. The game can be used for football, hockey, volleyball and more. For each known score, different points are awarded, which can change as the game progresses.

v  1x2 prediction game, under/over goals in the match, both teams to score, double chance. Options can be added and customized for different sports. At the moment, points are set manually, but there is an option to connect to a database and automatically add matches, odds, points and after the match is completed - result. The feed used is from, or another source. The API system will likely need to be tweaked.

v News section. Ability to add tags and categories to any news, formatting, photos.

v   Three working versions - Bulgarian, English and Russian. Ability to add additional languages. For each of the versions, team names, news, description of the games can be added, including automatic translation of the reasoned predictions.

v In the last 6 years, the system has been developed for the needs of the site, and each module can be redesigned and supplemented.

v In each of the games, options can be selected to:

O  Whether forecast description is mandatory. Each description is currently 40 words minimum. If the game does not have a mandatory description, writing one adds 2 points to the ranking.

O Number of points in the game with accurate results. Currently, 1 point is awarded for a known winner only, 3 points for a known match difference or 5 points for a known exact score. These points can be changed and for longer games each month increase. This way, even later players will be able to join successfully.

O  Predictions type - exact result or 1x2 type.

O  Type of sport - football, basketball and volleyball have been added for now. This field is important for the SEO of the site, below we will describe why.

O  Game Expiration Dates. From the time it starts until it ends ?, usually the day after the last match played. After the deadline, the game is moved from "Active" to "Past" games. It is a good idea to set the start date of the game to be after the introduction of the encounters from the game.

O Points to share on Facebook. When sharing the game link through the site, a certain number of points are added to the participant's ranking.

O Fields for title, detailed description, meta-title, meta-description, photo, and "Winners" category

v Championship Menu. Convenient when using API code to connect to an automatic database. All participating leagues are entered and the external system recognizes their names by their respective ID number.

v  Types of sports. Additional sports can be added here, football, tennis and basketball are currently active. This menu also describes the abbreviation of the sport, which is subsequently spelled out in "sports predictions". For example, for "Football", "Football" is added, and when writing sports predictions, the format is suitable for Internet search engines, being of the type "football prediction for ...".

v Ability to change the texts in the header, footer, contact information, banners.

v  Banners in different positions - at the top of the site, at the bottom, in the right menu, in the news, in the forecast, as well as a pop-up banner.

v Add users who can write and edit news on the site. Option to only add or only edit news.

v Sports Predictions menu showing all the upcoming matches entered in any of the games and the number of players who have predicted that match.

v Past Predictions and Past Games menus that have a history of events. At the moment, the news is about 240 pages, dating from 2019. Estimates are nearly 500 pages from 2021.

v Tipsters menu. Information and ranking for players by number of known predictions or by profit as points. Monthly ranking option.

v  Tipster. Each player has his own page where you can see information, a profit table, as well as all the predictions made by him. Ability to follow a tipster and receive a notification when a tip is entered by him.

v Ability to rank tipsters at different levels - gold, silver and bronze. It's stopped for the moment, but the idea is that when you reach certain points, you go to the next level.

v Possibility of paid subscriptions - by bank transfer or through another system for the different levels.

v Sign up for an email newsletter.

v Database with 1150 registered participants.

v Pages on Facebook (6300 users) and Instagram (530).

v A account through which an email newsletter for new games and events is sent.

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