Long-standing competitor of Praktis, Practiker, and others

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Price 200,000 BGN

Who We Are

We are a high-quality online store offering products for home, garden, and office, with numerous satisfied customers and extensive experience.

We have been operating in the Bulgarian market since 2013, for a total of 11 years.

In 2023, we had 1,540,000 visits to our website.

In 2023, our turnover was 1,196,301 BGN.


Akfix, Alpina, Black & Decker, BWOLF, Daewoo, CAT, Henkel, Karcher, Bosch, Makita, Philips, Playgro, Raider, Tolsen, Puma, and many more.

How We Work

Thanks to our long-term relationships with suppliers, we have exclusive cooperation conditions and offer the best products on the market at very favorable terms for the customer.

Our online store has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout its history. The average retail order value is approximately 50 BGN.

The period of highest sales is traditionally around Christmas (October - December). However, our large assortment ensures continuous operation, especially during spring, summer, and autumn, including seasonal promotions, so there is no shortage of sales throughout the year.

The sales platform (our official website) is Custom. The website is customized for us and includes:

  • Our own ERP (inventory program);
  • Generating files for accounting reporting;
  • Inventory reporting;
  • Product catalog - database.

The operation of the online store is carried out by 5 people - the owner and 4 employees.

The company also uses external services for marketing campaigns, IT services, etc.

What's Included in the Sale:

full transfer of the business, detailed description of company processes, 3-month training, 60,000 products in the catalog (25,000 active) from more than 100 manufacturers, supplier contacts, and above all - cooperation terms are part of the sale, patented logo, domain, profiles on social networks: Facebook Instagram full online marketing, connection to sales channels and accounts in comparators - Google Ads, Facebook, OLX, Bazar.bg, Grad.bg, Obiavi.bg, Alo.bg, etc., email sending tool with campaign templates, option to leave marketing to proven specialists (external consulting company), a wide choice of carriers and above-standard contracts - Econt, Speedy, etc., connection to the online store, connection to the payment portal of OBB, connection to the recognizable email sending tool, logo, graphics, and all materials used for the website or social networks, know-how for the assortment, warehouse (including warehouse equipment and a minimum amount of returned goods), are part of the offer for the sale of the online store.

Our Strengths:

Personalized approach to the customer and proactive communication.

Speed of delivery, product quality, and competitive prices.

Reason for Sale Offer

Dynamically increased parameters in several other businesses and insufficient personal time.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 5 Year of Establishment: 01.05.2013 Included equipment: Оборудване за 6 работни места и за малък склад. Included goods: Минимално количество върнати и заскладени стоки.
Company name: Познато име на пазара.

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