Active and adaptive production seeking an investor with marketing experience

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Price Negotiable

I am the owner of a company manufacturing products in the field of repairs and construction. The company possesses:

- Own production with all necessary machinery.
- Own production program, developed for and by the company's needs. The program includes a commercial component used by the company's commercial facilities, generating detailed statistics on visitation, commercial performance, etc.
- Commercial facilities (with long-term lease contracts) on boulevards in Sofia and Blagoevgrad.
- Products with a huge variety, available for fully customized executions, both for builders and individual clients.
- Success in exports to Central Europe (for small partners).
- Products of medium and high class compared to local and European markets.
- Active long-term partnerships with construction companies.
- Huge success in commercial facilities. According to statistics, for every three requests for an offer, one becomes a client of the company.

The main problem at the moment is low visitation due to the lack of quality marketing. We are open to all kinds of partnerships.

What we are looking for from potential investors/partners:

- Marketing expertise and/or experience with proven marketing companies. In recent years, we made huge mistakes in choosing the company driving our marketing. As a result of these mistakes, the company is almost non-existent in the online space. Accordingly, we generate visits only thanks to the good location of the commercial facilities and recommendations from satisfied old clients.
- Contacts and partnerships in the sectors of construction, repairs, and interior design would be very useful. Our products are extremely competitive in the medium and high sectors. The corporate clients we work with once become our long-term partners, but at the moment we do not have enough contacts with such clients.
- Our production base can be further improved with minimal investments, although it is not imperative at this point.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Good luck in finding the perfect partners for you!

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 10 Included equipment: Всичко нужно за производството на продукутите на компанията. Business properties included: Производство, намиращо се в собствена сграда. Included goods: Материали по текущи поръчки.

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