The wholesale sale of a subscription card with discounts for 6 theaters

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Price Negotiable

Subscription card with discounts of up to 50% off performances at 6 theaters in Sofia until the end of 2024, with the option for purchasers to retail through various channels, including online trading, physical locations, and others.

If you own a business, the cards present a wonderful opportunity to incentivize your employees as an additional bonus.

It is possible to purchase an unlimited number of cards, and the price is negotiable based on the quantity.

For additional information and/or inquiries, please contact me by phone or email.

What the card includes:

Subscription card "The World is a Stage," providing until 31.12.2024, 26 vouchers for 52 tickets with a 50% discount and plastic with permanent discounts up to 20% for theater performances in six theaters in Sofia. The card is not personalized and can be used by multiple people simultaneously, according to the offer for the respective theater.

The card includes 26 vouchers with a 50% discount, where one voucher is for two tickets:

• Bulgarian Army Theater - 10 vouchers • Sofia Theater - 10 vouchers • Revival Theater - 4 vouchers • Independent theater space "I AM Studio" - 2 vouchers

Additional discounts with plastic card for:

• NATFA Theater - permanent 15% discount for up to two tickets for one performance. • Small City Theater "Behind the Canal" - 3 BGN permanent discount for up to two tickets for one performance. • Bulgarian Army Theater - 20% permanent discount • Revival Theater - 20% permanent discount • Independent space "I AM Studio" - 20% permanent discount • Sofia Theater - 2 BGN permanent discount.

Additional Information

Included equipment: Абонаментна карта с отстъпки до 50% от постановките в 6 театъра в София до края на 2024 г. Website: Company name: Махешвари ЕООД

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