Developed brand and online store for baby products

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Price 20,900 EUR

You have an idea for an online business related to the little ones. You already have one and want to complement it with an online presence. You are full of enthusiasm and energy. If that's the case, then our offer is perfect for you!

What we offer:

A developed brand with a boutique online store for baby products — gift sets for babies, baby clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. The store has been operating since October 2018. Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation and branding, always focusing on our customers.

Included in the price:

➡ A company with a wide range of activities and a clean history;

➡ Developed brand with proprietary (representative) product:

In 2020, our store developed a successful proprietary product for the brand — a baby journal, which has become a favorite item for many parents. All rights to the book are our property.

The album has hard covers in A4 format. It contains 28 richly illustrated pages with places for filling in information and photos. It tracks all important events during the baby's first year of life. You can view it here:

➡ Well-developed and optimized website with a maintained blog:

All product and informational pages on the website have comprehensive and detailed original text descriptions and photos. We have an excellently maintained blog with over 70 interesting original articles. We add a new one every month.

The store is built on a custom platform. It can be easily optimized and new features added without much investment.

➡ Domain with history:

Good domain rating and rank, as well as effectiveness and speed of loading on desktop and mobile versions. The site is SEO optimized and has excellent organic results on the first page for a number of key phrases such as "baby gift," "baby wishes," "baby clothes 0-3 months," etc.

Daily visits are from organic and paid traffic. Our paid ads are on Meta's social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

➡ Presence on social media:

Well-developed Facebook page with 20,000 followers and an Instagram profile with around 7,260.

➡ Available inventory and contacts with suppliers/partners:

The price for the store includes inventory worth around 28,000 leva.

➡ Introductory training and support within one month.

Our offer is suitable for:

— Those willing to develop online commerce with baby/children's products;
— Manufacturers of baby/children's products, physical stores in need of an online presence;
— Artists producing original products for the little ones — clothes, accessories, and more;
— Any enthusiast with big dreams and the ability to turn them into reality :)

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 1 Year of Establishment: 26.10.2018 Included goods: По желание на клиента може да бъде закупена и наличната, към момента на продажба, стока (настояща стойност около 24 000 лв.)
Website: Company name: Бонус Трейд ЕООД

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