The developed pharmacy is for sale

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Price 100,000 BGN

We offer you an exceptional opportunity to acquire a professionally developed business in Sofia - a pharmacy named "Лекарна" (Lekarna), located at 7 Hubcha Street, Krasno Selo district (near Krasno Selo Metro Station), approximately 100-150 meters from the intersection of Tsar Boris III Boulevard and Gotse Delchev Boulevard. There are several private medical centers in the vicinity, with the nearest one being at 16 Hubcha Street, featuring a laboratory by Cibalabs, with whom we have a good collaboration, as well as a primary healthcare center (ДКЦ) about 150 meters away. The pharmacy has been in existence for over 10 years, and we took over its management in 2017. During this period, the turnover of the pharmacy increased from 20,000 BGN per month to over 100,000 BGN within a few months. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached a record turnover of 220,000 BGN in March 2020. However, after the pandemic, there was a sharp decline in turnover to 60,000 BGN per month, and in recent months, we have experienced record-low turnovers of around 45,000 BGN per month.


The premises are rented, with a monthly rent of 1,300 BGN. The property has two entrances and two sanitary facilities. The pharmacy is fully equipped and possesses all the necessary licenses and registrations to carry out pharmaceutical activities. The following aspects are included:


License from the Bulgarian Drug Agency: The pharmacy holds a valid license from the Bulgarian Drug Agency, ensuring compliance with legal requirements for the sale of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.


Contract with the National Health Insurance Fund: The pharmacy has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), allowing it to provide medicines covered by the health insurance fund.


Registration with the Bulgarian Drug Verification Organization: The pharmacy is registered with the Bulgarian Drug Verification Organization (BDVO), which is necessary for the verification and sale of medicinal products.


Furniture and technical equipment: The pharmacy is fully furnished with pharmaceutical cabinets, open shelving for easy access, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a metal cabinet, a safe, computers, fiscal printers, 2D matrix scanners, and other necessary equipment. All these resources ensure convenience and efficiency in serving customers.


For more details and information regarding the business, please use the provided contact information.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 3 Year of Establishment: 01.04.2017 Annual profit: 25,000 BGN Included equipment: Цялостно обзавеждане за аптека вкл шкафове за лекарства, максимално покритие със стилажи за свободен достъп, хладилник, климатик, метален шкаф, сейф. видеонаблюдение, компютри, касови принтери, четци за 2D матрикс кодове, принтер, СОТ Business properties included: аптеката е под наем площ 78 кв. м. Included goods: Останалата стока е на стойност 50 000 лв по покупни цени и представлява основно санитария, козметика, продукти за орална хигиена, хранителни добавки, консумативи. Може да се откаже включването на определени стоки или групи по договаряне
Website: Company name: Лекарна ООД

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