CREATIVE - Franchise partners for physical stores of an established brand in 8 countries

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Price 60,000 BGN

Franchising is the most successful and secure way to start a new business. Creative is an established brand in the Bulgarian and international market for clothing and accessories stores, and the proof of its successful development is the presence in 8 operational countries where the brand operates. With Creative franchise, you receive comprehensive and ongoing support from the company headquarters, which can guarantee your success.


The return on investment is achieved within 8 to 24 months from the opening of the establishment. For starting a new business, you receive a developed operational manual, know-how for the organization and management of the Creative Store, advice on decoration, a special software product for registering and tracking sales, pricing, etc.

Creative takes responsibility for a national internet campaign to popularize the brand and its franchisees. You will receive advice on organizing local marketing and advertising campaigns, for launching your new business in a specific location - design of advertising materials, recommended advertising channels, analysis of commercial results, and everything you need to start and manage a successful business.


Equipment and Branding:

The establishments of our franchise partners will not differ in any way from other CREATIVE retail stores. We will organize the complete branding of the store, both internally and externally. We will assist you in selecting suitable equipment so that you have the opportunity to display the widest range of products.


We understand that the right approach to the customer is extremely important and a key element in any commercial activity. There are quite specific trade methodologies in the fashion industry, which is why we offer our future partners a two-day training in a real environment, specifically at our retail store in the country.

Ordering and Delivery of Goods:

We will make it as convenient as possible for you by handling the ordering and delivery of goods directly through us and with our transportation.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 100 Year of Establishment: 01.06.2017 Annual profit: 2,000,000 BGN Included equipment: Цялостно оборудване включващо - Телевизори , компютри , щендери , манекени и всичко необходимо за функционирането на магазин Included goods: Първоначално зареждане от стока за 20-25 000 по себестойност
Website: Company name: Creative

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