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The enterprise specializes in the processing of meat and dairy products

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KPD.BG - The enterprise specializes in the processing of meat and dairy products KPD.BG - The enterprise specializes in the processing of meat and dairy products KPD.BG - The enterprise specializes in the processing of meat and dairy products

Contact Information:

Price: 1,700,000 EUR
Published on: 10.05.2023 Updated on: 15.05.2023 Views: 2276 Sector: Industry Location: Other Offer Type: Business for sale

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 15 Year of Establishment: 10.05.2018 Business properties included: Площ на земята:1,600 m² Сграда с РЗП 1,200 m²


A fully-integrated enterprise for the production of all types of meat products:

  • Meat cutting / beef, pork, veal, horse...;
  • Meat preparations / minced meat, meatballs, kebabs, sausages, cured sausages, raw lukanka.../;
  • Short shelf-life sausages / hot dogs, Kamchia, Macedonian sausage.../;
  • Bacon salami;
  • Cooked and smoked long shelf-life sausages and meats;
  • Sausage casings;
  • Air-dried lukanka and delicacies. It is equipped with modern machines and facilities that meet the current European requirements for food production. It has its own distribution network and numerous warehouses and partners. The enterprise is located in one of the most environmentally clean areas in Bulgaria.


The history of our business:


We are a family-owned company that started our business in 1998 with the production of dairy products. Our products stand out for their exceptional taste, high quality, and competitive prices. This is because the high standards and control we pursue have accompanied us at every stage of our development. Over the years, to market our products, we have created a network of our own distribution and several company stores in Sofia and Plovdiv. In order to expand the range of products we offer, in 2015 we started designing a meat processing facility. With the arrival of 2018, the new production began. Two years later, we offer over sixty products in all meat categories in the market.

The production process of both enterprises is under constant quality control from the farm to the store through:

  • Choosing ecologically clean regions for selecting meat and milk.
  • Continuous technological checks throughout the production process.
  • Precise bacteriological and chemical laboratory analyses.
  • High-level equipment that allows for special processing of meat and milk to preserve all quality indicators without denaturation.
  • The implementation of the HACCP system in the enterprises.
  • The meat processing facility has been audited and certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005, which ensure strict and uncompromising adherence to quality control for all produced products at every stage of the production process.
  • Each product has a specially developed recipe to achieve the traditional Bulgarian taste.
  • The staff is highly qualified to follow the core idea of our business - to make high-quality, pure, and delicious food!


Our business is guided by the idea that quality is a value, and taste is a tradition. Perhaps that is why we are gaining more and more supporters and partners. Our main obligation is to justify your trust that the meat and dairy products with our brand meet your requirements for healthy food!

All our products are made exclusively from Bulgarian chilled meat and specially selected farm milk. We strive to successfully combine traditional Bulgarian techniques with advanced modern machinery. Of course, we are always open to innovations that enter Bulgaria!


Included business buildings

A new, modern building made of thermal panels and reinforced concrete structure with two floors. Year of construction 2017. Total area 1200 m².

Included in the sale is the land

Yes, with a total area of 1600 m².

Status of the premises where the business operates


Details about the included equipment

The machines are in excellent condition and are from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Why is the business being sold?

Redirecting interests to another field.

Key clients and partners

The company has over 300 clients throughout the country.

Opportunities for growth

The business can expand significantly by entering into contracts with large retail chains, among others.

Will the employees remain employed after the sale of the business?


Will all customers and contractors be provided?


Will the current management stay involved in the business for a specified period of time?


Will the new owner be trained?