For sale is a developed and successful online business related to creating print-on-demand products

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An online business that specializes in creating custom print-on-demand (DTG, print on demand (POD), screen printing, foil printing, sublimation) designs on clothing and selling them across 10 European countries exclusively through the internet and social media with 40,000 followers is being sold. The business has been developed and proven to be successful.

The business is related to the customization and trade of clothes with prints on them. The main technology used is DTG (Direct To Garment), or direct printing. The main products are t-shirts (for women, men, and children), as well as baby bodysuits. The products can be made from light and colorful fabrics (including black). It is also possible to print on other types of clothing and materials (such as sheets, pillows, cups, plates, and hats). Additionally, they have equipment for sublimation (for polyester fabrics) and a plotter, which allows for the application of foil. The technology can also be converted to DTF. They do not only work with screen printing, but they can also work with everything else, such as DTG, DTF, sublimation, and foil application.

The entire business is based online, with websites in 9 (10*) countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria) and social media with around 40,000 followers in these countries.

The business has 6 automatic heat presses, 5+2 Epson DTG printers, and an additional DTG Printer X1, two automatic machines for applying pretreatment (PTM) - one Schulze Pretreatmaker IV and another European brand. They have blank (unprinted) clothes in stock, as well as pre-printed clothes.

For the application of pretreatment (color and quality optimizer), spraying guns and measuring scoops can also be used to measure the applied quantity. We have 5 spraying guns and several measuring scoops with accuracy up to a gram.

The business is developed and even without paid advertising, orders are accumulating due to organic traffic, old customers, word-of-mouth,, or other places.

This is a secondary business for a group of people who develop software as their main activity in the IT industry. Therefore, the company has software that describes all business processes, making work much easier and faster while reducing the risk of errors. This is a significant competitive advantage.

So far, we have worked with end customers (b2c) and business customers (b2b), but the main focus of the activity is directed towards end customers.

The business is divided geographically into 3 parts:

Administrative office: This is where people who talk to customers, confirm orders, and communicate with courier companies are located.

Production office: This is where goods are received and inventoried, orders are fulfilled, packaged, and shipped.

Server room: This is where the server, telephone switchboard, and all other software that operates on them are located.

The main software components are:

User interface: These are our websites where customers browse designs, like products, and place orders.

Administrative interface: Here, customer service operators work with orders and customers.

Design management system: This is a system where fashion designers upload new clothing designs. This way, the designer can upload new designs at a convenient time and location without having access to the websites, which makes their work easier and reduces risk for the company. At the same time, employees in the production department can download designs without knowing when they were uploaded or by whom.

Competitor monitoring system: This system monitors what our competitors are doing, and data is archived for later review and analysis. It tracks what advertising they are running and what moves they are making.

Video surveillance system: This is a centralized system that records all video streams at different locations where the cameras are placed. Video recordings can be viewed at a later stage.

External monitoring system: This system monitors whether the websites are working 24/7 and, if there is any problem, notifies us via email, SMS, and other methods.

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Website: и още 10 сайта Company name: Fashion Ways Ltd

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