A developed pawnshop is for sale in the city of Sofia

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Price 64,999 BGN

I'm selling a well-developed and profitable pawnshop with everything necessary for the business. The location is excellent for this type of business. There is stock available worth around 30,000 Bulgarian Leva. I'm selling the business without the premises, which are for rent at a rate of 500 Leva per month. The business is very good and well-established, and the investment could be recouped within 5-6 months. With just two staff members, the monthly profit is around 6,000-8,000 Leva. This is for a 12-hour workday, and if you operate 24/7 with an additional person, there is the potential for a significant increase in profit. If you work personally without staff, the profit could exceed 10,000 Leva. Besides the stock, there are custom-made showcases, shelves, security cameras, and other items necessary for the business, valued at around 20,000 Leva.

This business is suitable even for people with no prior experience!

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 2 Year of Establishment: 18.07.2022 Annual profit: 110,000 BGN Included equipment: Специални витрини пригодени за разположение на стоката. Рафтове и стелажи, офис оборудване, както и специален лицензиран софтуер. Included goods: Има налична черна и бяла техника, около 300 гр. Злато, машини и други вещи
Website: zkbarzapomosht.bg Company name: Заложна къща - Бърза помощ

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