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Price 2,900 EUR

MadPixi.com is a one-of-a-kind custom banner design platform worldwide. Through the site, any company or individual can get the desired banner in 3 simple steps. To place an order, users purchase credit packs, and then during the order, the platform automatically calculates how many credits the banner they want is worth, according to complexity, number of language versions, sizes, etc.


The business model is extremely interesting and can be practiced from and for anywhere in the world. It is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized online businesses that do not have a design team and prefer to outsource their banner design.


The site is in Bulgarian and English. We work with freelancers to make the banners. Orders are distributed through the "back-end" module to each designer, and there are dozens of implemented "extras" and conveniences. For example, rating of designers according to which their commission is determined, automated quality control systems, internal communication through the system itself, salary module, and much more. etc. Ready banners appear for approval in the profile of the client, who has the right to order up to 2 free edits, rate them, etc. Check out the site and its video to get a fuller picture. In addition to banner design, the platform also offers marketing management as an additional service. We have 80 registered customers.


The business is also suitable for working together with marketing agencies whose clients constantly need banner design.

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Number of Employees: 3 Year of Establishment: 07.07.2018 Website: www.madpixi.com Company name: MADPIXI

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