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Price 10,000 EUR is an online platform for the sale of branded goods, food supplements, clothes, perfumes, watches, jewelry, appliances, toys, and much more. etc.


The business has been operating for 5 years. The brand is patented. The platform has over 75,000 registered users from three countries: Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania. We have our own Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube channel.


The sale price includes:
• The domain and the platform. The site address has a rich history and is very well indexed by Google.
• Our social media channels
• The patented brand "ARENATA"
• The goods available in stock – Numoco clothes and dresses with a customer value of around 5,000 euros (prices have not been updated for 2 years)


The site's business model is unique and includes four different units that the platform allows to function simultaneously:


·    Sale of own goods in stock;

·    Sale of foreign goods - purchased only after placing an order on the site;

·   Dropshipping - we do not fulfill customer-generated orders of these goods but transfer them to our partners for a percentage of the order value;

·   Fulfillment service - we offer storage and sale of foreign goods for a certain percentage of the value of the order.


The platform is perfectly optimized for the work of each of the units, updating foreign goods, monitoring stocks, making reports, etc.


Our fulfillment service also has a separate module at the address:, where different merchants can register themselves and send their goods for storage and sale with us. The "Front-end" and "Back-end" of the site are professionally written and allow automatic tracking of the number of items sold, turnover/profit, stock availability, and much more references for each supplier. It's a whole side business that works alongside the main one and is geared towards businesses with stores and a lot of stock in stock who want to sell online.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 5 Year of Establishment: 07.03.2018 Included goods: Бизнесът се продава със складова наличност на стойност 10 000 лв.
Website: Company name: ARENATA

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