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Price: 0 Published on: 07.03.2019 Sector: Entertainment Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Website: Views: 771 Гласували: Оценка:


The business of a restaurant is being sold in Sofia, Center. The restaurant is in close proximity to the 9 French Language School Alfonso de Lamartin, the National Palace of Culture, the headquarters of the European Commission Representation and many others. Located on Khan Asparuh Street ... The restaurant resides with all work and work permit from 00:00 to 00:00. Completely rebuilt all installations -
electrical installation, security system, CCTV, cabling for cable TV and internet. The restaurant has an extensive lunch menu and is well-known. The restaurant has a capacity of 150 beds located in six lounges decorated in traditional style with splendid summer garden, VIP SALON AND WINTER GRADINA.V garden has well-maintained trees and water walls, fireplace with living flame and very authentic ARTICLES FROM THE OLD BULGARIAN RURAL AND URBAN BIT.I HAVE A SEPARATE REAR LOAD INPUT.
The price includes all available goods and business remittance. There is absolutely everything you need to be able to get started right away, including software (RKeeper 6 with 2 Terminals and Server). THE CONFERENCE HAS CAMERAS, ALARM INSTALLATION WITH SOT, INTERNET AND TV.
The kitchen equipment is fully professional and includes: five convection ovens, 3 pcs. horizontal refrigeration cabinets, professional charcoal grill 2pcs, professional fryer, shock coolers 3pcs, vacuum machines 2pcs, professional dishwasher 4pcs, as well as refrigerated showcases and freezers. There is a full bar and kitchen
equipment, TVs, air conditioners, utensils and more. An up-to-date HACCP system has been developed. The pub has a well-developed site (, well-developed Facebook page. Works with bgmenu (takeaway). LONG-TERM CONTRACT FOR RENTAL OF THE BUILDING. THE BUSINESS FOR ALL BUSINESS, BY CONTRACT. The whole concept of the establishment, the patent on the name and logo, the website, the Facebook page with several thousand followers, the whole recipe, the menus,, and more are being sold. Sell equipment, and inventory available. The company is sold with all permits. Turnover and earnings information only when there is serious interest.

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Number of Employees: 35 Year of Establishment: 07.03.2003