Professional kitchen equipment

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KPD.BG - Professional kitchen equipment KPD.BG - Professional kitchen equipment KPD.BG - Professional kitchen equipment

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Price: 233,000 Published on: 12.07.2018 Sector: Entertainment Location: Kiustendil Offer Type: Business Assets Website: Views: 2445 Гласували: Оценка:


We offer a full range of professional kitchen equipment:
1. Electric - grills, fryers, convection ovens, pans, stoves, etc. of EMMEPI
2. Gas - grills, fryers, fins, etc. of EMMEPI
3. Neutral - Tables, sinks, cabinets, suckers, all made of stainless steel. Different sizes. Manufactured by EMMEPI
4. Auxiliary machines: Mixers, sterilizers, sausages, etc. of Fimar.
5. Refrigerators and Freezers of DESMONT
The equipment is new unused, it is ordered for a customer who has not fulfilled the arrangements and is now packed in stock, a total of 239 items. Some positions have up to 4 items. The price is for all products and is VAT and is reduced by about 30% of the purchase price.
If interested, we will provide detailed information and negotiate terms for each item or for all items. The individual prices can be seen in the attachment. You use tel. +359882342577 and email [email protected]

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Year of Establishment: 12.07.2018