Кецки, сандали и мокасини на едро

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  • user-icon Name: Роза Петрова
  • user-icon Telephone number: 0899308003
  • user-icon GSM: 0899308003
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Price: 8 Published on: 21.03.2018 Sector: Trade Location: Sofia Offer Type: Goods Wholesale Views: 1768 Гласували: Оценка:


Wholesale of sandals, sport shoes and high heel shoes. The warehouse is in Sofia, so after phone arrangement, you can come to see the shoes. Min order is 500 pairs, for orders up to 500 pairs price is 9 BGN or 4.62 EUR For orders more then 500 or for all of them (max 1000) - price is 8 BGN per pair or 4.10 EUR

Additional Information

Year of Establishment: 21.03.2018