Business for furniture production in Sofia and Online furniture store

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Price: 333,000 Published on: 13.04.2017 Sector: Industry Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Website: има Views: 3248 Гласували: Оценка:


I am selling a very successful business for manufacturing of furniture with all the machines that are needed for production of chipboard and MDF furniture with a new base, made in 2016 in the city of Sofia and meeting the European requirements and standards, but I am renting the manifactury hall, which is prepaid for the period from 2019 for 1 year and 9 months with a signed contract for 5 years Contract is registered in the land register with the possibility of extension or buying if the owner decides to sell it. The place is located 2 minutes from two metro stations in Gara Iskar. The machines are: 1. Panel dividing saws - Holzma-2016 2. Edging Machine - Brand-2012 3. Boring Machine - Grass-2012 4. Circular saw with Grigio-2008 5. Many manual machines 6. Two compressors 7. Heating system with convectors, automated with fuel the cuttings of the material-2016 г. 8. Aspiration - 4 pcs. 9. Forklift (STAKER) The base consists of: 1. Machine room - 300 sq.m 2. Installation room - 120 sq.m 3. Warehouse - 30 sq.m 4. Office part, dressing rooms and rest room, toilets, boiler room - 50 sq. 5. Staff room 8 sq.m. 6. Security system with 16 cameras and SOD 7. Large yard of 600 sq.m. with lots of parking and greenery. We mainly deal with office furniture, where we furnish many state institutions, stores like TechMart and with nesting and edging we can make any kind of other furniture but due to the fact that I am not healthy I refuse to accept orders related to other furniture like kitchens .n. we mainly work on cutting and edging and office furniture because I want everything to go through my hands because I prefer to keep the high quality. It is precisely because I am not very reluctant to sell my business that I created from the very beginning. Please, I would prefer to contact me serious people only!!! Mobile number for contact English +359 885 251 355

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Number of Employees: 13 Year of Establishment: 13.04.2008