Does anyone want to make business with forein?

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Price: 5,000 Published on: 15.11.2015 Sector: Trade Location: Sofia Offer Type: Partnership Views: 866 Гласували: Оценка:


My name is Wojciech Szpila and I run business in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia,
We are import goods mainly from China (power tools, LED lighting, toys and so on) Now we want to sell goods in Bulgary. Does any one want to meet in Bulgary (I'm in Sofia or 200km arround once a month) and talk about it? I'm looking for someone who know Bulgarian market and want to be a representative of my company in bulgaria or run own business with my goods so I can deliver them to Bulgaria in competitive price. Waiting for replay from english speaking future business partners.

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Number of Employees: 8 Year of Establishment: 01.03.2008 Profit: 50,000 EUR