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  • Price: 30 EUR
Published on: 16.05.2010 Views: 7242 Sector: Tourism Location: Pazardzik Offer Type: Business for sale Website:

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Year of Establishment: 17.05.2010


ABOUT THE PARCEL: Plot with total area of 6256 sq.m., of which 3000 sq.m. Regulated land plot. Density of construction 30%. Kint 1. Land designated for a SPA Hotel. 2 km away from the city center with magnificent view to the city. Surrounded by magnificent pine forest on one side and the other of mixed deciduous forest. There is information from previous owners that have a shallow mineral water within the parcel. Price: 30 EUR per sq.m. for the regulated land plot, and 5 EUR per sq.m. for non regulated land plot. The Strelcha municipality is within the boundaries of the Pazardjik district. It is located at the foot of the Sashtinska Sredna Gora mountain and covers an area of 224,46 km2. Strelcha is located: - 40 kilometers from Pazardzhik; - 65 km from Plovdiv; - 100 km from Sofia; The Strelcha visitors can enjoy not only its magnificent nature, the calm environment and the thermal springs around the town, but also to take advantage of the superior conditions for rest. QUALITIES OF MINERAL WATER IN STRELCHA Strelcha has three mineral springs with water temperatures of 23 to 45 degrees with proven spa quality suitable for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological and skin diseases. The water is slightly mineralized, hyper, sulphite - hydro - sodium, fluorine, no color or smell, pleasant taste, it is a means of treating many diseases. Spa in town is done by combining mineral water, fresh air and silence with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, remedial gymnastics opportunities.